Thursday, December 10, 2015

National Herald Case, Congress MPs Scattered over Sonia Strategy, BJP planning All Out Agitation

After assorting to burst of anti BJP noise and disturbing Parliament over National Herald Matter, a group of Congress MPs are thrashing Congress strategy of disrupting the proceedings over an NH issue which is sub judicial. Tough Mamata Banerjee's TMC is gearing up to ally with Congress and left Parliament to support Congress. Congress blamed “political vendetta”, but many Congress MPs think that it is not political maturity take a legal fight in Parliament terming it revenge. Venkaiah Naidu led BJP agitations against congress stalling Parliament proceedings. BJP led NDA preparing for massive campaign to deface Congress after the winter session for stalling Parliament to save legal process against Congress mother-Son duo. Leader of the Congress in Loksabha Mallikarjun Kharge led offensive after question hour, “Two laws exists in this country separate for Opposition and another for the ruling,” “BJP chief ministers involved in corruption and scams, no case filed against them. If BJP wants to suppress opposition voices by suppressing us, you cannot threaten us.” Congress Game plan The Congress has strong idea after the National Herald case dealt a severe blow to party No.1 & 2, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi , convert it in to emotional mode. This is not simple case, it's linked to honor, it's vendetta against a mother and son devoid of power. A Delhi court ordered Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi and five accused in the National Herald Matter to physically appear before court on December 19, 2015. The NH case hit headlines in the US newspaper Wall Street Journal. Court bitterly ordered, to make it confirm that all accused in NH case be appear on December 19. Today I am exempting from personal physical appearance only." Said Metropolitan Magistrate Lovleen Singh of Patiala House Courts. After over a week of civil legal debates in Parliament, both Upper and Lower Houses returned to chaotic scenes, hurdles and disruptions. As Delhi High Court scrapped a plea challenging the personal summons issued to Congress high command Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald case. The initial reaction of Congress was drafted by their legal team, was quintessentially legal one. But drawing and invoking Indira Spirit converted the legal attle and legal matter to political and emotional rather than legal, triggering political Tamasha in and out of Parliament. Ambitious GST indirect Tax bill by BJP might suffer lethal blow with Congress pledged to shot it in lieu of National Herald Case. As Gandhis are under attack and the NSUI and Youth Congress cadres are out on streets,most likely Parliament session will vapored away, uselessly. Congress leaders consistently claiming that Subramaniam Swamy, complainant in National Herald case just puppet main conspirator is at 7, RCR, i.e. PM Modi. With possibility of India's prominent first political family likely to physically appear in court, the accusations of corruption and embezzlement are creating a political fire. It has shadowed magnificent performance of Congress in Bihar and Gujarat elections. Main facts of the National Herald case, which has put the Gandhi family in legal spot -The National Herald newspaper which India's first PM Jawaharlal Nehru helped establish before Independence of India in the 1938. It was venture of company named Associated Journals Limited, funded by the Congress Party. National Herald newspaper formally closed in April 2008. -As per Enforcement Directorate- ED sources private non-profit organization cum company 'Young Indian' was founded in March 2011, with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul possessing nearly 38 percent holding each, allegedly aimed at specific goal of taking over the assets and liabilities of AJL. In the year 2012, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy registered legal complaint before a Patiala House court, accusing Congress leaders for involvement in fraud and cheating through the acquisition of company AJL by Young Indian Pvt Ltd. Company YIL paid just Rs 50 lakh aimed at recovering amount of Rs 90 crore that AJL owed to Congress Party. The present value of the properties in possession of National Herald, the scam could be near about Rs 1,600 crore to Rs 5,000 crore. -The case witnesses many turns and shift. In August 2015 reports suggested that the ED coming to close the case, for lack of substantial evidences against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Though ED director Rajan Katoch axed from service as reports surfaced. In September 2015, ED once again decided to reopen the NH case. The Delhi High Court now rejected the petition filed by the Gandhi mother son duo challenging court summons. It means they must have to appear before the Patiala House court.

Donald Trump Ban Petition from UK Crossed 300 K Mark, debate Possible in Parliament

London- Petition demanding UK entry ban on Donald Trump attracted more than 3,00,000 signatures.It is enough for a parliamentary committee to think upon moving motion for debate in parliament. The petition to resist front runner Republican presidential candidate from arriving in UK launched official British government website for petitions as response to Donald Trump's demand for banning Muslims from U.S. entry as a measure to thwart terror threat. "Earlier UK had banned entry of many figures for hate speeches. The same rule must be applied to all those attempting to enter UK," says the petition, created by Aberdeen (Scotland), woman Suzanne Kelly, who earlier campaigned against Donald Trump's business and political activities. "As United
Kingdom is continuing using unacceptable behavior to people entering UK borders, it should be applied equally to rich and poor, to weak and powerful without discrimination" the petition mentions. By Wednesday, the petition attracted more than 3,00,000 signatures and numbers shooting up with high pace. Any independent petition that have more than 1,00,000 signatures receives consideration by Parliament Petitions Committee, which judges whether to forward the petition for parliamentary debate by Member of Parliaments. The Petitions committee will think upon what to do with it by January 5, 2016, revealed PR office of House of Commons. The Office said, home secretary enjoys power to include or exclude people, though this
might not happen with Donald Trump. Suzanne Kelly, writer for website of citizen journalist , Aberdeen Voice, had written reports in the past documenting issues with Trump's construction of a huge, rich golf resort in Aberdeen- Scotland, which triggered Trump conflict with local people. Kelly had launched petition requesting Aberdeen Robert Gordon University to strip off Donald Trump of an honorary degree which conferred on him. Petition attracted more than 38,000 endorsements, argued that Donald Trump's behaviour and rhetoric is detrimental for University's glory. She wrote, current petition will offer chance to British people to firmly stand against those committing hate speeches. Trump remarks triggered outrage in US and worldwide. White House PRO Josh Earnest lashed out at Trump saying his comments qualitatively
disqualifies Trump from serving as US president." Trump's quote next day mentioning, that few parts of London city were so radicalized, that agencies and British police don't dare to enter and feared for their lives," sparked row in the UK. UK PM David Cameron generally don't comment on American presidential candidates, denounced Trump's comments as useless. London Metropolitan Police Department invited Donald Trump for briefing on the reality check of policing activities in London, also London Mayor Boris Johnson gave sharp response to Trump, as sheer nonsense. Though Trump got few supporters in a UK which are wary of the prospects of ISIS inroads. A petition on the UK government website urged British leaders to halt and bar all immigrants and shut UK borders until IS is totally defeated." The petition, drew more than 4,40,000 signatures since September was rejected by the UK government.

Russians are trying ethnic cleansing of Turkman and Sunnis in Syria, accused Turkey PM Ahmet Davutoglu

Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu accused Russians of trying ethnic cleansing of anti Assad communities of Turkmens and Sunnis in Northern Latakia province of Syria with its heavy air campaigns. PM Davutoglu told Russian air campaign repeatedly targeted Sunni and Turkmen communities in province of Latakia.
Relations between Russian and Turkey hit newest low since Turkey downed Russian SU-24 fighter jet over Turkman mountain region on the Syria- Turkey border. Russian President Vladimir Putin requested British specialists to help in data
analysis the flight data recorder during telephonic conversation with UK PM David Cameron, the Kremlin revealed. Turkey stressed that F-16 fighters fired at Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter on November 24,as the jet had crossed into Turkish airspace, Russia rejected this caim. Russians attempting ethnic cleansing of Turkman and Sunni communities in province of Latakia to oust them as they have no cordial relations with Bashar Al Assad regime,accused PM Davutoglu in Istanbul.
PM said Russian air campaign is strengthening IS in Syria. Russians says its bombing raids are
targeting IS and other rebels jihadist in Syria, helping the Syrian forces of Though Western experts and Syrian FSA rebels claims majority of the Russian bombing raids has targeted anti-Assad fighters which are not jihadist at all. Russian President Putin told in television appearance with the orange metal box recovered from downed Sukhoi-24 jets, told that data recorder will prove the Russian jet's flight path, airspace and position of cruise. "Whatever we knew will not change our attitude about Turkey and their did," Putin said. "We always treated Turkey as not only our friend but as an close ally in the fight against terror. No one ever expected such treacherous and heinous stab in the back by Turkey." On Wednesday, the Kremlin said in a statement, Mr Putin had elaborately discussed the
Syria conflict with UK PM Cameron. Statement reads, both leaders had discussed ways cooperation in the fight against radicals and other terrorist groups. The Kremlin said in statement that PM David Cameron expressed his condolences and grief over downing of Russian fighter plane in Syria". Russia clamped wide array of sanctions against Turkey - a prominant NATo member country after downing Russian jet,including ban on import of Turkish vegetables,fruits and other food products. Russians banned its citizens going on package holidays to Turkey, so far Turkey was top
foreign & most preferred destination for Russian tourists.