Thursday, December 10, 2015

Russians are trying ethnic cleansing of Turkman and Sunnis in Syria, accused Turkey PM Ahmet Davutoglu

Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu accused Russians of trying ethnic cleansing of anti Assad communities of Turkmens and Sunnis in Northern Latakia province of Syria with its heavy air campaigns. PM Davutoglu told Russian air campaign repeatedly targeted Sunni and Turkmen communities in province of Latakia.
Relations between Russian and Turkey hit newest low since Turkey downed Russian SU-24 fighter jet over Turkman mountain region on the Syria- Turkey border. Russian President Vladimir Putin requested British specialists to help in data
analysis the flight data recorder during telephonic conversation with UK PM David Cameron, the Kremlin revealed. Turkey stressed that F-16 fighters fired at Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter on November 24,as the jet had crossed into Turkish airspace, Russia rejected this caim. Russians attempting ethnic cleansing of Turkman and Sunni communities in province of Latakia to oust them as they have no cordial relations with Bashar Al Assad regime,accused PM Davutoglu in Istanbul.
PM said Russian air campaign is strengthening IS in Syria. Russians says its bombing raids are
targeting IS and other rebels jihadist in Syria, helping the Syrian forces of Though Western experts and Syrian FSA rebels claims majority of the Russian bombing raids has targeted anti-Assad fighters which are not jihadist at all. Russian President Putin told in television appearance with the orange metal box recovered from downed Sukhoi-24 jets, told that data recorder will prove the Russian jet's flight path, airspace and position of cruise. "Whatever we knew will not change our attitude about Turkey and their did," Putin said. "We always treated Turkey as not only our friend but as an close ally in the fight against terror. No one ever expected such treacherous and heinous stab in the back by Turkey." On Wednesday, the Kremlin said in a statement, Mr Putin had elaborately discussed the
Syria conflict with UK PM Cameron. Statement reads, both leaders had discussed ways cooperation in the fight against radicals and other terrorist groups. The Kremlin said in statement that PM David Cameron expressed his condolences and grief over downing of Russian fighter plane in Syria". Russia clamped wide array of sanctions against Turkey - a prominant NATo member country after downing Russian jet,including ban on import of Turkish vegetables,fruits and other food products. Russians banned its citizens going on package holidays to Turkey, so far Turkey was top
foreign & most preferred destination for Russian tourists.

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