Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Saba Ahmed- The Republican Muslim Coalition President Founder Criticised Donald Trump for calling a ban on entry of all Muslims in U.S.

Saba Ahmed- The Republican Muslim Coalition president and founder lashed out at Donald Trump for calling a ban on entry of all Muslims in U.S.
As Donald Trump triggered fresh controversy by calling carpet ban on Muslims entering USA, Saba Ahmed targeted Trump by saying that Donald Trump doesn't know constitution of USA at all. After Paris Attack and especially San Bernardino- California shooting incidence, which proved to be terror incidence and not as usual mass killing type act, Americans are increasingly raising their voices against radicalized Muslims which are living in USA for decades. Many Americans have started feeling that radical Muslims living within USA are serious threat for US Homeland Security. The same concern by US citizens are voiced by outspoken Republican and US property tycoon Donald Trump in his public rally.
When Donald Trump came under heavy fire by both Republicans as well as democrats, he still holds his statement firmly by saying that- "I Just Don't Care"
Let's see, whether his fire right war cry against Muslims takes his popularity to upward direction or to downwards...

Donald Trump Triggered Outrage by Calling Carpet ban on Muslim's Entry in USA, Insists, 'I. Don't Care'

Donald Trump Triggered Controversy by demanding ban on all Muslim's entry in USA Republican candidate Donald Trump says Muslims hate USA beyond doubt, so Muslims must be banned from entering USA. Donald Trump's rhetoric triggered fierce backlash when he demanded carpet ban on Muslim's entry in United States as preventive measure of terror attacks in future. It was a blast even after taking into account outspoken Trump's normal rhetoric level, which invited quick condemnation by his arch rivals for Presidential Republican nomination. Though, Trump seems unaffected, who said later, "I. Don't. Care." The turmoil started when the Trump campaign office issued a press release saying: "Donald Trump is appealing for a carpet and complete shutdown of immigrant Muslim entry in USA until US representatives can calculate what is going on security front." His spokesman confirmed that proposed ban would not only applicable to refugees and immigrants, but tourists as well. He stressed that he was demanding for Muslim as data shows "tremendous hatred of Muslims towards Americans by majority of the Muslim population". He thundered, he knows he is not “politically correct”, ut still he is leading the “overwhelming majority”. He further said, “People of America are really fade up with stupid and incompetent  leaders and politicians.” The statement erupted volcano of condemnation from both Republican and Democrats rivals. A spokesman for the CAIR (Council on America-Islamic Relations) juxtaposed it with Nazi's anti Jewish rhetoric from the 1930s. “Donald Trump statement echoes like a leader of a rioting hooligan mob than a leader of great nation like USA,” mentioned Nihad Awad. Donald Trump addressed a rally held at South Carolina, re mentioning from own statement to crowd before saying, “It is not rocket science but a common sense and we must have to do it to save USA.” He further said that USA is heading for increasing terrorist disasters and Paris attacks causalities could have minimum had the French people been allowed to own and carry guns. The real estate giant kicked controversy last month by suggesting registering huge swaths of US Muslims in a government citizen database. At present he is involved in dispute with rival own party candidates and media over his claim that he had seen US Muslims celebrating terror attacks of 9/11. Donald Trump still maintains a good chunk of polling advantage over his fellow Republican party candidates, though Monday's statement just came hours after a opinion poll that showed him lagging behind Senator Ted Cruz in the important state of Iowa. He has overcame earlier controversies and repeatedly witnessed a upward swing in his popularity index but senior party figures will now anticipate his hard line postures will face roadblock their chances of regaining the White House next year elections.