Sunday, December 20, 2015

South China Sea- China warned US of B-52 Bomber's provocative flypast

US Air force 2 B-52 long range bombers flew very close to artificial islands built by China in South China Sea, which China
termed as serious and grave military provocation, as diplomatic tensions brewed in the disputed South China Sea waterway. China repeatedly insists that it has sovereignty and exclusive rights over all of the resourceful and rich sea, which have
conflicting claims by several Asian neighboring countries, where US aggressive Naval activity in the disputed area has angered Beijing several times in recent few months.
Two US Military B-52 heavy bombers transgressed Chinese air space in the morning of December 10,  over the Chinese islands of Nansha without proper permission, explained Chinese defense ministry official, Nansha is Chinese name coined to the Spratlys Islands.
Such aggressive behavior is a serious and grave military provocation by USA which will complicate situation in the disputed South China Sea, eventually leading to heavy militarization of the disputed region, Chinese ministry warned in a statement.
During a regular mission by US military's two B-52 bombers, one of it unintentionally cruised within just two nautical miles of artificially built islands, published the Wall Street Journal quoting senior Pentagon officials.
Chinese defense ministry further said: "The United States military has repeatedly sailed military warships and fighters to exhibit brute force and to foment tensions in the disputed waters and Chinese airspace in the South China Sea.
China warned, Chinese military will boldly take all measures needed to safeguard Chinese sovereignty and security.

The US is openly criticizing China for constructing artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea, and has always flying fighter jets and B-52 bombers, also sailed US Navy's guided-missile destroyer in close range of the constructed islands in recent months under the tag of Freedom of Navigation Exercise.

USA has clarified that China's attempts to change geographical structure in the archipelago of Spratlys, posing dire threat to freedom of navigation within international waters.

Chinese forces carried out war games in the disputed area last week, with fighter jets, warships and submarines deployed over a several thousand square kilometers area, quoted People's Liberation Army Newspaper.

China is in locked horn position with the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan over ownership and rights on Spratlys islands.

South China Sea- China Accuses US of 'Provocative' B-52 Bomber Flypast South China Sea- China Accuses US of 'Provocative' B-52 Bomber Flypast.

Two US B-52 bombers flew close to islands in the flashpoint South China Sea last week in a "serious military provocation", Beijing said today, as tensions simmer in the disputed waterway.

China insists it has sovereignty over virtually all of the resource-rich sea, conflicting with the various claims of several neighbouring nations, and US activity in the area has provoked Beijing's ire several times in recent months.

"In the morning of 10 December, two US B-52 bombers entered air space over the Chinese Nansha islands and nearby areas without authorisation," Beijing's defence ministry said, using the Chinese name for the Spratly Islands.

"This behaviour is a serious military provocation which complicates the general situation in the South China Sea, (contributing) to the militarisation of the region," the ministry said in a statement.

During a mission by the two B-52 bombers last week, one of the aircraft unintentionally flew within two nautical miles of an artificially constructed island, the Wall Street Journal quoted Pentagon officials as saying yesterday.

This may have been because of bad weather conditions, according to officials quoted in the newspaper.

Beijing's defence ministry added: "The United States has continuously sent military ships and planes to make a show of force and create tensions in the waters and airspace" of the South China Sea.

"The Chinese army will take all necessary measures to defend the sovereignty and the security of the country."

The US is critical of China for building artificial islands in the disputed sea, and has flown other B-52 bombers and sailed a guided-missile destroyer near some of the constructions in recent months.

Washington has said China's transformation of the geographical features in the Spratly Islands poses a threat to freedom of navigation in the critical body of water.

China's military conducted war games in the area this week, with warships, submarines and fighter jets deployed over a "range of several thousand kilometres", the People's Liberation Army Daily said.

Beijing insists it has sovereignty over virtually all of the resource-rich South China Sea, conflicting with the various claims of Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Brunei.