Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vote bank politics responsible for infiltration: Meghalaya DGP

Shillong, Jan 31 (PTI) Holding vote bank politicsresponsible for the illegal infiltration from Bangladesh,outgoing Meghalaya Director General of Police Sibabrata Kakatihas said that politicians are reluctant to solve the "serious"issue.

"It is a serious problem. Demographic changes arerapid. Political parties are not keen on solving the issue. Itis because of political patronage and vote bank politics thatthe problem has assumed such serious proportions," Kakati toldPTI in an interview.

Kakati, a 1976 IPS officer of Assam-Meghalaya cadrewho retires today, said that though the rate of present influxis not as threatening as before, but "people were still comingfrom across the border".

"The solution to the problem is economic. You have tohave your own labour force. Now, when more and moreenterprises are coming up, unless you fill up that vacumn ofrequired manpower the problem would persist. Assam will beswamped if it goes on like this," he said.

On the insurgency scenario in the region, the seniorIPS officer who has served in various branches of the securityapparatus in the Northeast, said it is difficult to take outthe roots of militancy from the region.

"If you satisfy one group, another outfit comes up.

The futility of armed movement is yet to be understood by theyouth. They are not enlightened. We will have to keep onfacing the menace," Kakati said, pointing to the "war criesgiven by an ULFA faction led by Paresh Barua at a time whenanother groups is readying for the talks".

He, however, described the militancy as a "moneymaking business" taken up by some "opportunists".

"Many outfits have realised that armed revolution isnot possible because of the might of the state and so theyhave come overground. But small groups will keep on surfacing.

The history of the region speaks for it," the outgoing DGP,who also had a stint with the paramilitary BSF, said.

He also felt that the "propensity of that kind(militancy) will exist in the Garo hills of Meghalaya becauseof the economic disparity faced by the areas in relation toother parts".

Concerned over the rising cases of crime against womenin the matrilineal society of Meghalaya, he rued that morethan 500 rape cases are pending trial since years.

"Unless exemplary punishment is given to the guilty,this menace will keep on plaguing the society. Even theSupreme Court has said that courts can take strong view insuch cases," Kakati observed.

Rape cases are reported very late in the state and asa result the evidentiary value goes down, he said.