Thursday, August 7, 2008

Achalpur, Digraj and now Pusad-testing of Hindu evacuation Mechanism by Jihadi Muslims

Achalpur, Digraj and now Pusad
testing of Hindu evacuation Mechanism by Jihadi Muslims.

Last year there was large-scale violence in Achalpur of central Maharashtra where large number of Hindu traders were residing within Muslim dominated population. Majority of the Hindus had the jeweler shops. The Muslims of the town decided to evacuate them by force and all of a sudden arson and rioting of started in the town during the course of incidences all Hindu shops were looted with clear-cut precision and the Muslim womenfolk of the town fled the area with stolen Gold and Silver Ornaments before the Police force arrived in the town. Later on Hindus fled the area with great fear. The small chunk of Hindus returned back after the couple of weeks but majority of the Hindus has chosen to leave Achalpur for life. Not a single Gold or Silver Ornament recovered back.
In second such a incidence Muslims surprisingly attacked the Hindus of Digraj citing the reason of airing mandir vahi banayenge song,actually there was no such airing or nothing happened that could had provoke the Muslims to attack Hindus. But in this case also they had tried to occupy the land and property of minority Hindus. In this case also most of the Hindus who left the area had chosen to keep away themselves for life.
In third incidence of the surprise attack; only a week ago the Muslims of Pusad town of Yavatmal district has all of a sudden flocked the streets of the town to protest against the dishonor of Holy Quran book that was kept in the local Mosque. But this protest was with swords and choppers. Majority of the Hindu shops and business establishments were looted and vandalized by rioters and their JIHAD was continued till the forces arrived to the spot and clamped the curfew in the affected area.

In all the three incidences Muslims had tested their machinery on helpless and unorganized Hindus and tried their best to expel the Minority Hindu society to make the area completely Muslim area or DAR-UL-ISLAM. Senior Police and Civil officials are also drawing the same conclusion out of these incidences. So this is the wake up call to all Hindu organizations and particularly to the SECULAR INDIAN MEDIA…….