Thursday, December 31, 2015

Church fueled & funded insurgency in North East India, said Khagen Das-former MP of CPI-M

Church fuelled & funded insurgency in North East India, said former MP of CPI-M 
Agartala- Veteran leader of CPI-M and former MP of Indian Parliament Khagen Das said that church has been exploited by different external intelligence agencies to pump in funds for arming and organizing terrorism and insurgent movements and groups in Tripura and other North-East states of India.

Khagen Das was talking in reference to the insurgent activities and current demand for a independent tribal land in Tripura made by a newly floated tribal party called Indigenous People's Front of Tripura- IPFT.

"During peak of communal riots in 1980 and during violent extremist activities for about 30 years, it is proven beyond doubt that church involved. Money was pumped to India by Christian church to armed extremist," told Das.

Khagen Das also said that a group of church was actively aiding, fuelling and supporting tribal insurgent groups in not only the Tripura state but also whole North East region. But, he refused to mention specific name and details about steps taken by his government against such group of the churches, but in he said that declaration by Kim Davy,in court of law that (who is wanted in the case of the notorious Purulia arms dropping case in West Bengal. It is crystal clear, church is being used for pumping funds and arm consignments to militants specially in North-East India.

Khagen Das also added, "Kim Davy and Peter Bleach team who dropped consignment of arms in Puralia- West Bengal was in the spot in country and made a statement that he was not only dropped arms and ammunition in Puralia, in 1995- 1996, but had sent arms to other North-East terrorist and particularly Tripura extremist."

He specially thanked Tripura people for not supporting militant activities.
Earlier India's Hindutva Groups and RSS affiliated organizations were making allegations of Church- Militancy nexus, but no one was taking it seriously, now allegations made by Communists leader has forced Indians to believe upon it.

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