Monday, April 21, 2014

Togadia Issued Legal Notices to Indian Express and TimeNow

TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN & TO ALL PUBLIC COMMUNICATORS, GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS & SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS As advised by & on behalf of my client Dr. Pravinbhai Mohanlal Togadia, age 57 yrs, I S. D. Jani Advocate 12, Shivshakti complex, High court Road, Bhavnagar, Gujarat  India do hereby state as under.

1.          That the report about a misinformed incident in Gujarat as appeared in an English newspaper Times of India dated April 21, 2014 which per our information, has appeared in the said news paper’s almost all India editions under varied headlines, is false, malafide & mischievous.
2.          That significantly, on the same day, i.e. today i.e. April 21, 2014 in yet another English newspaper namely Indian Express dated a completely different report has suddenly appeared which is about a misinformed description of an incident in Uttar Pradesh village in dist Pratapgadh.
3.          That it also is noticed that a heated debate has begun on yet another English TV channel namely Times Now on the said misinformed mischievous report as mentioned in the said Times of India.
4.          That the entire sequence of events as mentioned in the above 1, 2 & 3 clearly show that there is a bigger conspiracy against my client not only to defame him in public life but also to put his life & the lives of his family members & of the people associated with the organizations he is associated with in danger.
5.          That my client happens to be an International Working President of VHP i.e. Vishwa Hindu Parishad with Head Office in Delhi. The said organization is known to be caring for Hindu Well-being & welfare.
6.          That my client has been provided with the security of the Z+ level by the concerned governments to protect him from physical attacks on his life.
7.          That under the rules of the above said security level, the travel, stay & other details of the secured person are supposed to be kept confidential by the concerned authorities who provide the security to ensure that no pre-planned attacks take place on the secured person.
8.          That my client was travelling at night around 11 pm from Bhavnagar City ,Gujarat on April 19, 2014 for a night stay at the house of Mr. Bhavin S. Jani  the town Bhavnagar.
9.          That while travelling my client was told by one of the security men that a large group was protesting on the route because know that Togadia were to travel from this route.
10.        That my client as mentioned above was traveling at night, asked the security man as to how did the group know of the route which was supposed to be confidential per the security rules. The concerned person did not reply.
11.        That after reaching the night stay place i.e. the house of Mr. Bhavin S. Jani again my client was informed that the same group that was protesting for some reason wanted to meet him. Although tired by the day’s hectic work of introducing the free medical service to all in India, my client agreed to meet the said group for 5 minutes.
12.        That then the group of around 1000 people came to give my client a memorandum & presentation about how their houses were purchased under force & duress by some people.
13.        That the said group also informed my client that they stayed in an area in Bhavnagar before & even there their houses were forcibly purchased & that they moved to another area where there were temples & that even the new place they are being hounded to sell their houses to another group.
14.        That hearing their plea, as a law abiding citizen, my client advised them to follow the legal process of writing to the local administration, the concerned state government & approach the court if they felt that they are being forced into any selling of their houses.
15.        That my client also informed that there had been a ‘Disturbed Area Act’ existing in some places in Gujarat which was enacted by the earlier Government & that the said group may find out if the said act was applicable to them in the said matter.
16.        That we wish to state here emphatically that there was nothing socially or legally wrong in the above advice given by my client to the said group as mentioned above.
17.        That after one full day of this incident & with no provocation whatsoever, to our distress & surprise, we found the malicious report about our client in the English newspaper namely Times of India dated April 21, 2014.
18.        That the said report as mentioned in above 17 gives a completely false story intended to malign my client socially & also putting his life in danger.
19.        That the timing of the other media reports such as in Indian Express front page which are totally unrelated of the misinformed incident of 2012, popping up on the same day i.e. April 21, 2014 mentioning my client’s name in a malicious way & then media debates followed by these reports are a definite conspiracy of planted stories by the vested interest parties against my client.
20.        That we hereby deny any such malicious reporting by all the media as mentioned above & demand the immediate CBI enquiry into the matter as mentioned hereunder:
(a) That who, how, to whom & why disclosed the security information such as travel route, stay place & so on, which is supposed to be kept confidential for the Z+ category
(b) That who all were involved in tracking the movement of my client during his travel & disclosing to the public in general even without verifying with my client whether he knew the said people.
(c) That who arranged the said Times of India reporter to be at the secured route late at night without any information to & permission from my client despite the Z+ security.
(d) That who managed the same say simultaneous appearance of reports in two different English newspapers all India i.e. the misinformed, false & malicious reports of 2012 & 2014 that is a night before.
21.        That my client while denying of speaking of any inflammatory words as mentioned in the said Times of India report under different headlines all India as filed from Gujarat, demands a CBI investigation into the larger conspiracy of putting his life under threat by disclosing his security travel route & place of stay to general public.
22.        That my client now fears that this is a larger conspiracy in the General Elections time to draw benefit in votes at the cost of his freedom & his life. That my client also fears that the said orchestrated malafide, mischievous & malicious reporting of unrelated misinformed incidents in different media has been aimed at targeting his public & social life as well as the lives of my client, his family members & the people in the organizations with which my client is associated with.
23.        That the above suspicion is strengthened with the fact that for the past 3 months my client has been travelling extensively in India to introduce the Free Medical service for the poor & needy patients. That the regional media had been mentioning the same as but the said English media has not been mentioning the positive medical service however, the same Times of India, Indian Express & Times Now have simultaneously targeted my client on the misinformed unrelated incidents in a criminally defamatory, malicious & mischievous ways. That this proves that there has been a completely political conspiracy behind such ill-reporting about my client with the intention to harm his reputation, image & life and then to draw political mileage out of all this
24.        That once again while denying the concocted reporting in the above said & if so in any other media as false, malicious & malafide, we state here that such criminal conspiracy against my client may cause danger to my client’s life & reputation & that in such circumstances the entire criminal, financial, social & technical liability will be of the concerned Governments, its authorities, its various departments & all the people including the said media & all public communicators who have been involved in such a criminal activity against my client as conspirators.
25.        That we urge the Hon. Supreme Court to take note of the probable lethal attack on my client’s life, reputation & also lives of his family members as well as the people associated with the organizations to which he offers his services.
26.        That we urge all the public communicators to immediately refrain from spreading malafide, false, criminally defamatory & dangerous stories against my client & putting him in life threat, failing which my client will be free to take further legal steps as stipulated under all prevalent laws & Acts.
Place: Bhavnagar ,Gujarat
Date : April 21, 2014                                                                                                      (S. D. Jani)
Copy to:
1) The Hon, Supreme Court, New Delhi                                                                         Advocate
2) The Chief Minister, Gujarat
3) The Union Home Minister, India

Omar Abdullah Accepts There Is Modi wave


Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah lashed out at the Uttar Pradesh government for bringing sedition charges against Kashmiri students of a Meerut college who were expelled for cheering for the Pakistan cricket team.
Speaking at the session 'New Generation, New Poltics: Kashmir Looks Ahead' on the second day of the 13th India Today Conclave on Saturday, Abdullah said, "On the contrary, when our people go to Pakistan and they find their people cheering for our team, we actually feel good."

Maintaining that the issue should have been left at the expulsion and the government should not have brought sedition charges against the 68 students, Abdullah said, "My worry is that the BJP will now be using it as a poll issue. Those 67 Kashmiri students would now be used as pawn in the hands of politicians."

Sixty-eight Kashmiri students of Meerut's Swami Vivekanand Subharti University were charged with treason and sedition for cheering Pakistan's victory against India during the March 2 Asia Cup tie. The students' support for Pakistan had led to a clash in the university's hostel accompanied by violence. Catch all the live action here

Indian or Kashmiri?

Abdullah wondered why only Kashmiris and not people from any other state had to prove their patriotism.

"Why is it that when you come from J&K, you are asked if you are Indian or Kashmiri. Why? UP CM Akhilesh Yadav is not asked a similar question."

"My father kept telling people that he was an Indian. I asked him why he did that. He told me that he was advised by a former J&K Governor BK Nehru. I don't feel that need now."


Ruling out the possibility of his party's return to NDA, Abdullah said, "We were part of NDA because of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. We don't see anybody in the BJP coming even close to him. National Conference will not go back to NDA."

Asked what advise he would like to extend to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, Abdullah said, "We certainly talk politics among us. But I am not among his advisors. But if I have to, my advice to him would be to not back off after that one interview with one TV channel."

On Narendra Modi wave

Asked if he saw any Narendra Modi 'wave' in the country, the J&K CM said, "I think we are overusing the term 'wave'. There is an effect. We saw it ourselves during his rally in Jammu. His rally there drew more crowds than we had expected."

Abdullah said, "That effect has invigorated his party cadre. But that is not a wave. A wave is something what former PM Rajiv Gandhi had in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination in 1984."

AFSPA has to go

On the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act, the J&K CM said that a legal cover should not misused as impunity.

While maintaining that the Armed Forces would definitely need a legal cover, he said the draconian part of the law has to go.

On relationship with Pakistan, he said, "I don't think India's ties with Pakistan is centered on Kashmir. It's the other way round. From our point of view, there are a host of other issues that need to be resolved other than Kashmir."

Abdullah said he would like to do more in terms of tourism, job creation, to ensure the return of Kashmiri Pandits and that more progress is made on (removal of) AFSPA, if he is re-elected. The Assembly elections in J&K are due towards the end of this year.

On the issue of ensuring that Kashmiri Pandits are back in the Valley, he said, "We have brought back 2,000 Kashmir Pandits. They are working in different sectors and living within the Valley. Though it is a very small number, but it is a beginning. We hope to do more on this front."

Maulana Mehmood Madani defends Modi over refusal to wear a skull cap


After drawing flak from many sections over his refusal to wear a skull cap, the BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi finally has someone from the Muslim community on his side.
Muslim cleric Maulana Mehmood Madani said that Modi should not wear the cap for symbolic purposes, as many politicians have been using the symbolic act to make a fool of Muslims.
"If you ask me to put a tilak, I won't agree…not at all. And that doesn't make me a bad person. I can be bad on accounts my action only. It has been our bad experience that symbolic acts have been done but real problems have not been solved.

"I don't find not wearing skull cap as bad. I say that those who wear the cap fool Muslims. I want to tell them with folded hands not to make a fool of us. He should not wear the skull cap. Nobody should. It is only a symbolic thing and I don't want symbolism. I want work," Madani said at Aaj Tak's Seedhi Baat programme.
Describing riots as national issues, Madani said that looking at loss from the prism of communities is unfortunate.
"If he (Modi) is guilty then he should be punished," he said.
Madani said: "We have doubts on his abilities. If people make him the PM even after opposition then responsibility will be on him to treat everyone as equal. He would see everyone as equal and won't destroy the country on the basis of religion and caste," he said.
Madani maintained that people have an image of Modi not being secular.

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"There is a view about him that he is not secular. It may be wrong but that is the view and I also agree with the view. The identity attached to him is that of destruction. If he talks about development and succeeds in implementing then he will be worthy of praise. It is good that he is appearing secular and not saying a single communal word but that is the strength of this country. Khuda kare ki dil badal gaya ho. It will be a good thing," he said.
Madani said that the idea of India is strong and no matter who comes to power and who goes out, nobody can break India as majority of Indians are secular.
"Whether he becomes PM or not will be decided after elections but if attempts are being made to create a fear perception then it is not right. I don't agree that there is a fear perception. People may be trying to do so but this country is powerful and it has the strength of non-violence. It has brotherhood and large heartedness," he said.
Reacting to Bharatiya Janata Party leader Giriraj Singh's statement that critics of Modi should go to Pakistan, Madani said that Singh is best suited for Pakistan and Afghanistan.
"He should be sent to Pakistan. India will not accept such leaders," he said.
Madani also made light of the comments by Samajwadi Party leader Azam Singh and said that there can be a good side to it.
"There is a conspiracy under which Muslims are being disconnected with the land by enemies from inside and outside. There can be a good side to that comment. If anyone looks at our country with bad eyes Muslims will remove the eyes," he said.