Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Masood Azhar Detained Pathankot Attack Pakistan

Pakistan on arrested top militant and Jaish-e- Mohammad founder chief Maulana Masood Azhar, brother and many more terrorists from his dreaded terror outfit, suspected to orchestred and engineered the Pathankot air base terror attack, and ceased its offices as India demanded stern action on the terror group linking it to the future of Foreign Secretary talks.
Masood Azhar's younger brother Abdul Rehman Rauf also arrested quoted Geo TV. Arrest of many other individuals were announced by the Prime Minister's Office in press release, no official word uttered on Masood Azhar's arrest. Masood Azhar is dreaded terrorist who was released from Indian jail in 1999 in exchange for safe release of 155 air passengers of the hijacked plane of Indian Airlines. He has been into safe custody as agencies raided several other JeM offices.
Pakistan has also clarified that it is thinking of sending a special empowered investigation team to India's Pathankot as more com=ncrete information required to carry on the cooperation with India. The Pakistani actions reviewed at a high level meet chaired by PM Nawaz Sharif, came as the future of the Foreign Secretory level talks due for Friday remained uncertain with just few days. of JeM are believed to be behind attack on Pathankot air base on January 2, 2016 which claimed lives of seven security personnel.  
Yesterday Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar hinted at punitive retaliation in future to punish those perpetrating terror attacks on Indian targets,  He also expressed the need to make feel the pain to terrorists for hitting on India. Today India's Chief of Army Staff tok forward issue by saying that Indian Army is ready to take any mission assigned by government to punish those nurturing animosity for India. 

Iran Released Detained U.S. Navy sailors from Persian Gulf

Iran has released the sailors detained from two American navy vessels which had transgressed into Iranian waters, which prompted their seizure and arrest by Iranian coast guards. “10 U.S. Navy Sailors returned to US Naval custody today, after leaving Iran,” read a statement on Wednesday from Central Command- U.S. Naval Forces . “There are no signs that US Sailors were physically harmed during brief detention.”
As per the statement, Navy will investigate the situation and circumstances which led the Sailor’s in Iran.” Iranian Fars News Agency reported their release. Fars in a statement by the Iran's Islamic Revolution Guard Corps said Iran set released US marines with detained vessels within international waters as investigations confirmed that they strayed during their sailing in Persian Gulf. In a statement, IRGC pointed that investigations proved that the U.S. combat marine vessels illegally entered in Iranian water which was not a purposeful act,” Fars said. 
An Iranian spokesman, General Ramezan Sharif, said that Iran’s next action and timing will be decided by an investigation. Later, Iranian officials told they determined that faulty navigation devices was cause for the “intrusion.” “Due to technical, operational investigations in interaction with the relevant political, national security authorities of country and as it has became clear that US combat ship's illegal entry in Islamic Republic of Iran waters was result of un-purposefulness action was mistake and as they extended unconditional apology, decision was made to free them,” Fars said.

“The Americans agreed not to repeat similar mistakes,” it read and continued, “US captured marines released in international waters as the supervision of the IRGC Navy was on.” Iran earlier released several marine sailors photos, sitting around and faces looking bored. The exact incidence and circumstances triggering the incident, which draw volatile situation in U.S.-Iranian relations, remained still unclear.  

The two marginally small boats, which are used normally on coastal waters and rivers, were sailing from Kuwait to Bahrain through Persian Gulf when disappeared from the Navy radars. Senior officials claimed the vessels might appeared experienced mechanical problem or exhausted fuel, but agency Fars- Iranian news agency, claimed the sailors had been “spying.” The Iranian Navy seized the boats with their crews to Iranian Farsi Island, where Iran said a naval base on northern Persian Gulf.