Friday, February 11, 2011

Christians disappointed after Binayak Sen verdict,but Why?

According to cathnews portal,Christians are disappointed due to High Court's decision on Dr Binayak Sen's jail term.If a person gets involved in terror activities,he must face punishment which law offers.But here Christians from all over world are expressing concern on court's decision,which is quite unfortunate.When Hindu saint Aseemanand arrested for bomb blast case,and no one knew about his involvement in bomb blast,same Christian community declared him proven terrorist and demanded stern action.But now, when Dr Binayak Sen found guilty in harboring terror acts why Christians should be disappointed?
Does it proves that Christians affection towards Indian constitution is provisional? or they respects Indian constitution only when they wants it?Christian society of India gradually getting alienated from Indian society due to such divisive and anti-national stance.
Oh God forgive them,for they not no what they are doing...........