Friday, December 4, 2009

Swiss ban on Mosque Minarets and Indian Muslim Structures

There is great uproar across the whole world after Swiss citizens voted in referendum in favor of banning Mosque Minarets in Switzerland.There are only four Mosques in Switzerland which has tall minarets,but Swiss people takes it as the symbol of the Religious supremacy and hence do not want allow it anymore to build in future.The image and reputation of Islam is going through serious crisis after worldwide resurgence of radical Extremist Wahabi Islam and Suicide bombers under the guise of JIHAD i.e.Holy Islamic war against non-Muslims.

The string of bans and embargoes on ostentatious religious symbols has been started from France when French President Sarkozy first announced ban on Burqa or veil-garment of Muslim woman covering face in public places,and them comes Swiss vote against minarets.
In India there are almost 180 million Muslims,second largest Muslim population in the world,where Muslims was in power for about 800 long years.There is also growing resentment in India against divisive Muslim mentality.But Indian Muslims enjoys more freedom and liberties even more than they deserves.
Now the circumstances demands that there should be certain bans on public life of Indian Muslims so as to make them aware that at first they are citizens of India and then they are Muslims..