Sunday, July 31, 2016

Open Letter to Neha Dixit & Outlook on RSS Baby Trafficking

Hi Neha,
Read your Outlook story. You are expert in fabrication, manipulation, deceit and conspiracy. I had been in N-E India as RSS Pracharak for 10 years and experienced the society and general infrastructural appalling educational structure. In that case if any NGO takes away kids to educate them in rest of India, is it crime? It might be illegal, but is it immoral? There are thousands of students who returned back in N-E India after living inrest of the India for education and now successfully working in respective fields in N-E India. Didn't you see it?
The problem with you leftist guys is that, you always blindfold yourself  when it comes to Christianity and Islam and you attack, scold, curse and abuse on same issue when it comes to RSS and Hindu groups.
Take example of Girish Karnad, who authored book Bali, condemning animal sacrifice in Hindu religion. No doubt animal sacrifice in the name of religion is condemnable. But when the issue of Kurbani during Muslim festival comes, Karnad prefers to turn dumb and deaf. 
So far, only Christian groups were active in N-E India to run educational cum proselytisation  facilities. They were ripping rich crop out of it. Then, during 1980s RSS affiliates aggressively entered in fray and now rapidly expanding its base in N-E India. The fundamental cause of heartburn for leftist writers like you is that, even after propagating such poisonous stories under the guise of investigative journalism, RSS continues to grow there. But for the sake of giving hefty Return on Investment (ROI), which many more indigenous and foreign agencies invested in your magazine, you have professional compulsion to run this news mill. You shouldn't stop this!
Another bye product of your story is that, the English Only readers, which are generally not aware of RSS social welfare/ educational work, got marginal insight of it. It will create wave in whole India to sponsor and donate Sewa Bharati projects in N-E India. Thanks for the same!
When BJP emerged victorious in Assam May this year, same thing happened with RSS, and many more in rest of India started praising RSS activities.
Let me finish with one humble advice, create NGO to expose RSS activities all over India, so that people can donate your NGO in dollars, and then you won't need to travel rough roads of Assam to earn your bread! Such NGO will definitely take care of your whole life.
Thanks & Best Wishes...

Vinay Joshi

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