Friday, March 17, 2017

मुग्धा कर्णिक यांच्याविरोधात मुंबई विद्यापीठाच्या कुलगुरूंकडे तक्रार दाखल

Shri Sanjay Deshmukh,
Vice Chancellor,
University of Mumbai,

Subject:- Complaint About Mrs.Mugdha Karnik, Director of the Center of Extra-Mural Studies under Mumbai University

Dear Sir,
On March 12, 2017 Mumbai University's Director of the Center of Extra-Mural Studies Mrs.Mugdha Karnik, has published article in Marathi daily Divya Marathi, about RSS and its affiliate groups and their so called involvement in the child trafficking from North East Indian states to elsewhere in India. The article was highly objectionable, biased, packed with lies, intentionally aimed at character assassination of RSS organization and people associated with it.
As Mrs Mugdha Karnik is official of Mumbai university, the article has created the perception among its readers that the opinion expressed in the article belongs to Mumbai University, which is harmful for your institution.
After the publication of that article, i have initiated legal action against said newspaper and Mrs Mugdha Karnik under various IPC sections and provisions of Information Technology Act.
With this letter, I am requesting you, As Administrative and Executive Head of Mumbai University to start disciplinary action against Mrs Mugdha Karnik for violation of standard norms of University employee by setting up inquiry committee on behavior of Mugdha Karnik.
If my request is not honored, I will take various legal corrective measures against Mumbai University and will approach Human Resources Development Ministry to punish guilty official attached to Mumbai University.
If the necessity is felt, my lawyer will include your name as witness in future Criminal Defamation Court Suit against Mrs Karnik.

J. M. Sangma,
Rongchu- Garo Hills

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