Monday, November 23, 2015

Russia in Syria Pilots Wrote Message on Bombs before Airstrikes Russia in Syria Pilots Wrote Message on Bombs before Airstrikes "This Is For Paris"

This Is For Paris': Russian Pilots Write Messages On Bombs Against ISIS

Contributed by JAKE CARTER on November 22, 2015 at 4:17 am

Russian Federation says its aerial campaign targets IS and other “terrorists” but rebel forces and their backers accuse Moscow of focusing on moderate and Islamist fighters over jihadists.

“They have increased the number of strikes against ISIL, particularly in Raqqa, Deir-ez-Zor and down in a few of the oil infrastructure in eastern Syria, southeastern Syria”, Ryder said.

‘Pilots and technicians of Hmeymim airbase have sent their message to terrorists by priority airmail, ‘ said a caption accompanying the post.

Moscow fired 18 missiles from ships in its Caspian Sea fleet at seven targets in the Raqqa, Idlib and Aleppo provinces, according to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

In at least 50 bombing raids, towns across Deir al-Zor province, including near the Iraqi border, were hit and dozens of vehicles and fuel oil tankers were destroyed, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Mr Putin said Russian Federation still faced a lot of work.

Later the president’s spokesman told the BBC there was no talk of putting troops on the ground in Syria.

And a member of the Russian ground crew wrote “For Ours” on another bomb – a reference to the Sinai jet crash last month. Russia concluded that it was a bomb that blew up the plane, killing 224 people, almost all of them Russians.

Putin praised the Russian operation in Syria – its largest foreign intervention outside the former Soviet Union since it occupied Afghanistan in 1979 – but said it was “still not sufficient” to wipe out the jihadists in the country.

Meanwhile, Turkey has warned Russian Federation that it must immediately stop bombing “civilian Turkmen villages” in Syria, close to the Turkish border.

Russia, which is also stepping up its own air campaign against IS, yesterday unleashed cruise missiles from warships in the Caspian Sea at targets across Syria for only the second time since it started bombings in September.
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