Saturday, November 28, 2015

Turkey Warns Russia not to Play With Fire- How to Read this?

Editor's Note:- There is huge tension between Russia and NATO, especially Turkey after shooting down Russian Sukhoi 2 fighter jet over Latakia province in Syria. Turkish fighters fired Air to air missiles on SU-24 fighter jet while Russian jet was on bombing mission in Syria. Turkey said Russian jets were violating Turkish airspace and it was warned in advance before shooting down.
Russians said jet was cruising well within Syrian airspace. Radar tracking data of Latakia Airbase currently operated by Russians said plane didn't violated Turkish airspace.
Extremely angry Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered deployment of air defense missile system S-400 to Turkey to deal with hostile Turkish Fighter Jets posing serious threat to Russian Jets involved in bombing on ISIS.
Seemingly disturbed Turkish President Erdogan sees Russian move of deploying Anti Aircraft Missile batteries in Syria as grave threat to Turkish Air Force. As a result Erdogan warned Russians not to "play with fire".
Will Turkish warning deter Russians from taking any adventurous step like attacking Turkish or NATO plane? Answer is NO. As far as hawkish Russian President Putin's history is concerned, he will be searching a small reason to Teach a Lesson to Turkey as he quoted saying Turkish move as Stab in The Back.
 As retaliation to Turkish move Putin ordered immediate sanctions on Turkish trade in Russia and Russian authorities are raiding Turkish firms and sending back goods meant for sell in Russia, ack to Turkey.
Putin knows where to press to feel Turkey the effect of shooting down Russian plane.
Let's see how the events takes place in Syria.

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