Monday, November 30, 2015

US President Obama Optimistic about Paris Climate Summit Results

Before crucial COP21 summit Barrack Obama is optimistic regarding Paris climate summit 2015
Washington: US President Barrack Obama said he is very much optimistic regarding breaking the ice on global climate agreement at the scheduled UN climate conference in Paris.
The most significant thing is that 180 nations have already submitted road-map to down emissions that triggers climate change, Obama told on a Facebook, while travelling to Paris talks.
Paris Summit will enforcea long-term framework for cutting down emissions including goals set by each nation,

Obama has only one year in office spared. He said US businesses and labors have demonstrated that it's possible to head towards a low-carbon future even without reducing jobs and developing the economy.
US economy is at all-time high, but its greenhouse gases emissions are trimmed to 20-year lows.
Obama is attending only 30 November and 1 December, the first two days of fortnight long event. Obama will hold several bilateral meeting during his two days stay in Paris, including Chinese President Xi Jinping & Indian Premier Narendra Modi.
After just few days of PAris Terror Attacks, it will be great opportunity for us to show that world is united against gruesome terror acts.- Obama said.

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