Monday, December 21, 2015

Israel Killed Lebanon Hezbollah Leader Samir Quntar in Air Strike, Netanyahu Revokes Jerusalem al-Quds Permits

 Lebanon militia group Hezbollah said Israeli forces assassinated groups senior leader Samir Quntar, who was murdered

during Israeli air strike on his house in the Jaramana city in the Syrian capital Damascus, also two Syrian

civilian killed during attack. Samir Quntar spent 29 years languishing in Israeli jails.

 Israel vows to revoke the residency permits of 230,000 Palestinians residing in a number of neighborhoods in city of

Jerusalem al-Quds. The scheme was initially postponed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu last month. Palestinians said plan aims at

change the demographic structure in area and Judaize the Palestinean occupied territory.

An Air France flight from Mauritius to Paris has been diverted to Kenya after a suspicious package was found on board.

The pilots requested to land in Mombasa after the package, believed to be an explosive device, was found in the toilet.

All passengers and crew were safely evacuated.

 US President Barack Obama signed law a bill which restricts visa-free travel in the US. This bill, people from around 38

Visa Waver nations, who've traveled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria in the past five years, cannot enter the US without a

visa. Iran and the EU have criticized the move.

 US Defense Secretary Ash Carter admits that an American airstrike has mistakenly killed Iraqi forces near the city of

Fallujah. Carter made the remark while on a visit aboard the USS Kearsarge. Baghdad earlier blamed the US airstrike for

the death of 10 Iraqi soldiers in Anbar province.

India's top court will hear a plea against the release of a culprit in the fatal gang-rape of a 23-year-old student. A

women's rights body has filed a petition seeking a stay order for the juvenile convict. He was involved in the 2012

assault of the victim in New Delhi.

 Spaniards are casting their ballots in historic general elections, with more than two parties vying for the first time in

decades. The anti-austerity Podemos party and the Liberal Party of Citizens are competing with the ruling Popular Party

and the Socialists. Opinion polls have put the ruling conservatives narrowly ahead.

  Burundi rejects the African Union's plan to deploy a peacekeeping force to curb the country's escalating violence. The

government says sending troops without its consent will be viewed as an attack. Burundi’s crisis began after President

Piere Nkurun-ziza declared his candidacy for a third term in office.

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