Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Madaya Starvation- Aid Trucks Reaches in Syrian Town

 Madaya town near Syrian capital Damascus is facing severe humanitarian crisis as majority of its 42,000 population is reeling under intense malnutrition. The Syrian government forces and FSA rebels are in locked horn position which have laid the siege of town to achieve military victory over city.
VIDEO- Madaya Starvation in Syria
Earlier the same Madaya town was popular vacation spot for effluent Syrians. The gravity of the situation is so serious that UN interfered in the matter to end the siege and to facilitate the supply of essential relief and food material to the affected, ailing Madaya citizens. Hundreds of children are on verge of death with severe anemia. Also old age people are disabled due to lack of food for days together.

The U.N. Security Council discussed the situation of besieged Syrian towns on Monday after reports surfaced about tens of thousands of Syrian civilians being trapped within for months together without essential supplies and starving to unavoidable death."Spain and New Zealand called for Security Council meeting on situation in Madaya,Syrian town following reports propping up about dying people from starvation," Gerard van Bohemen-New Zealand UN ambassador, told. "The tactic and tool of siege and starvation of civilians is one of the most ugly and appalling in Syrian conflict,"

Trucks with food, medical reached Madaya from Lebanese border and began distribution of aid as an agreement between warring sides brokered, the United Nations-UN and Red Cross Society said. A U.N. spokesperson told, aid trucks are also en route to Shi'ite hamlets of Kefraya and al Foua in the north-western Idlib province, two more areas where people desperately need humanitarian assistance.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power expressed in strong words about situation in Madaya, heavily slamming the "grotesque and ruthless starve or surrender tactics the Bashar Al Assad's Syrian regime applying against its own Syrian people."

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