Thursday, January 14, 2016

Army Coup Story in Express cooked at Oberoi Hotel-Subramanian Swamy's latest Revealation

Subramaniam Swamy's latest revealation on Army Coup story in Indian Express Seniar BJP leader and firebrand legal crasader Subramaniam Swamy revealed on social media yesterday that Indian Express story 2 years ago, regarding alleged Army armoured columns movement towards Delhi to stage military coup by toppling Manmohan Singh's Congress government was cooked in Oberoi Hotel during lunch hangout between P Chidambaram and Indian Express group editor Shekhar Gupta. In the same story it has been claimed that, then COAS General V K Singh has ordered Indian Army's armoured columns comprising 48 armoured combat vehicles, without notifying Central government, which were based at Mathura.
Intelligence agencies sounded alarm to government and by the time, the said units reached at Hisar in Haryana under command of Lt Gen. A K Singh. It was the same day when then Army Chief General V K Singh apporached supreme Court on his date of birth fight with government. Swamy mentioned on social media, that CCTV footage of Oberoi hotel will prove if there was such meeting occured in the same hotel. If his allegations literally proves to be true, then it would be all time low in the history of Indian media and Indian politics.
Earlier Indian media had witnessed Barkha Dutt managing ministerial portfolios in tandem with corporate lobbyst Nira Radia and Veer Sanghi, Prabhu Chawla doing same bargaining. As Dr Subramaniam Swamy is known for his tough legal acts and unending follow up of the matters to conclusive end, it may prove costly for Shekahr Gupta and P chidambaram. P chidambaram is facing tough times as CBI has named his wife in chargesheet of Spectrum allocation case. If the same fabricated news matter takes the shape, it may finish professional careers of Chidambaram and Shekhar Gupta

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