Thursday, May 26, 2016

Assam Elections 2016- Muslims, Christians & impact over N-E region

Here are few links about Muslim representation in Assam & Bengal assembly & Christian reaction to BJP win. And few points analyzing how Christian influence & Muslim domination in Assam politics received jolt in Assembly results 2016

1- Now two biggest Muslim populated states are ruled by BJP, Kashmir and Assam,
2- In earlier Assam council of ministers there were 3 to 5 Muslim ministers, but in Sonowal cabinet there is just 1 Muslim minister.
3- Founder President of AIUDF Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, a Mumbai based perfume baron and present Loksabha MP lost Assembly election from South Salmara constituency 
4- AIUDF count in Assam assembly dropped to 13 from 18 which it won in 2011
5- In Gogoi cabinet Rockybul Hussain was one of the most powerful minister along with Himant Biswa Sarma, but in Sonowal ministry no such prominence to only Muslim minister.
6- For the first time, Vaishnav tradition religious centers of Assam called Satras (Headed by Satradhikaris) will have considerable influence and respect over government
7- Assam and especially Guwahati being financial, commercial & transport hub of North- East India, recent assembly results will impact all other 6 N-E states,
8-  All major Christian denominations operating in N-E India have their headquarters and logistical centers in Guwahati & emergence BJP as strong political force in Assam has dealt severe psychological blow to Christian groups. The report on Christian website explained their mentality like this, "The church in Assam, where a Hindu nationalist party BJP for the first time won state elections, is "praying and hoping" that there will not be any anti-Christian violence and We expect a good relationship with the new government," Archbishop John Moolachira of Guwahati"
9- Even though BJP government won't hit or hurt Christian groups and their aggressive evangelization, proselytization activities, directly or indirectly, they are feeling cornered, as Christianity has always grown every where in the world including N-E India with active or passive state support and patronage.
10- Indigenous Faith movements of N-E India which fought and sustained evangelization  onslaught will get immediate psychological boost as BJP- RSS assumed political dominance in biggest N-E State of Assam
29 Muslims to enter Assam State Assembly in 2016

Muslims account for 20 percent representation in Bengal assembly

​Assam bishop 'praying' as BJP forms government​

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