Saturday, August 6, 2016

Complaint Against News Channels For Disgusting Behaviour During Mahad Bridge Collapse

News Broadcasters Association,
New Delhi,

During latest Mahad bridge collapse mishap in Maharashtra, the behaviour of Marathi news channel viz. Zee24Taas, ABP Marathi news, IBN Lokmat News channel's reporters was extremely disgusting.
All news reporters associated with aforesaid news channels and many other news channels were taking interviews of relatives of victims, members of rescue teams, police and administrative officers involved in rescue operations in most unprofessional, immoral and objectionable manner.
Many news reporters were seen asking most disgusting question to victim's relative, "how do you feel after hearing news of accident?"
IBN Lokmat news reporter asked 7-8 year old daughter of missing victim, "What message you want to convey to your missing father?"
The language used during interview of police and administrative officers involved in rescue operation was highly derogatory, as off they are doing nothing.
The conclusion of analysis of news reporting during Mahad bridge collapse mishap was that the reporters were HEARTLESS and SHAMELESS too.
So, with this letter I demand NBA,
1) To issue clear cut, stern rules/ advisory to media men regarding coverage of accidents and natural calamities,
2) To impose carpet ban on taking interviews of relatives of victims,
3) Immediate issuance of stern guidelines to media men about covering accidents/ natural calamities,
4) Complete ban on harassing members of police teams, rescue workers and administrative officers deployed on the location of accident,
5) Impose monetary fine on media house violating the norms.


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