Sunday, August 14, 2016

Outlook Sacked Editor Krishna Prasad Fearing RSS led Legal Fight Back

In a major development that sent shock waves in Indian media, Outlook magazines Executive Director Indranil Roy made hurried announcement of appointing new editor-in-chief Rajesh Ramchandran replacing Krishna Prasad who was on position since 2008. The email announcement is here.

Outlook has published misleading story by freelance journalist Neha Dixit about so called kids trafficking by RSS affiliated groups from Assam to other parts of India. After the story Outlook had face large scale public anger in Assam and RSS affiliates mentioned in report had vowed to fight back malicious propaganda in legal way.
In Assam additional solicitor general Subhash Kayal had filed FIR against Outlook management, editor and reporter at Latashil PS in Guwahati city.
The claims made in the Outlook report were totally baseless and malicious in nature only intended to defame Hindu groups, rapidly making inroads in North-East states.
The Leftist propaganda website published this new for the first time. Also Scroll.In has published Ramchandran's statement confirming his appointment as new editor in chief.

Earlier email was making rounds with title, "Outlook succumbs to Sangh Pressure" but it was not taken seriously.
Here is the original email 
Interesting but true, Outlook magazine management has made up their mind to disown brilliant journalist Neha Dixit. Neha recently published elaborated report about RSS in Outlook's August 8 issue, about minor girl being transported by RSS related groups to Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat for education. Neha Dixit's articles in Outlook used the word "Trafficking" of Assam Girl by RSS. The word Trafficking invited wrath of RSS and its affiliated organizations. All major organizations which was mentioned in Outlook's issue held press conferences in Guwahati to clarify their position and also warned Outlook about possible legal action against magazine and Neha Dixit. Sensing the possible professional trouble, it has been learnt that a notable personality who is familiar with BJP/ RSS circle in Delhi and who is also very close to Outlook's owner Raheja Family met RSS leaders in Delhi to coll down their anger over "Operation Bay Lift issue". As per the sources RSS leaders just gave him silent hearing and committed nothing. But the said person offered RSS leaders flat, unconditional apology for misplaced reports, factual errors and highly objectionable words used in it. Also it has been learnt that the said person told RSS leaders that if court suit gets filed against Outlook, then management will tender unconditional written apology to RSS adn then RSS will only pursue case against author of the article Neha Dixit. With this development it is once again proved that media can succumb to invisible pressure from Delhi's power circles only to abandon and disown professional and intelligent young journalists.

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