Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Content Take Down Warning Issued to FirstPost.Com for Twisting RSS Chief's Comment

The article published on FirstPost.Com dated August 23, 2016 by 
​Sandipan Sharma with title "RSS' silly dream of more Hindu sons proves Mohan Bhagwat is still stuck in the 1930s​" (URL:- http://www.firstpost.com/politics/rss-silly-dream-of-more-hindu-sons-proves-mohan-bhagwat-is-still-stuck-in-the-1930s-29722566523880 ) is highly objectionable and twisting the facts just to spread the lies.
The author of the article has quoted RSS chief Bhagwat out of context and he never advised Hindus to produce more children. But the author Sandipan Sharma has attributed RSS chief which he never spoke.
With this email, I want to suggest you to immediately take down the article from website as it is tarnishing image of RSS chief and the organization which he leads.
If, FirstPost.Com fails to comply with my demand to take down whole article, I will take appropriate corrective legal steps against FirstPost.Com editor and author of the article under provisions of IPC and Information Technology acts.
Please immediately take corrective measures and apprise me of the same.

Vinay V. Joshi
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