Friday, September 9, 2016

Baluchistan Shutter Down Protest Announced Against Turbat Siege by BNF

Infant trapped in Turbat siege
Baloch National Front- BNF has announced Balochistan wide shutter down & wheel jam strike on today September 09, 2016 to protest against the siege of  Ex BSO leader Pirjan Baloch's house in Turbat by Pakistani Army. Also BNF has appealed all to use hashtag #SaveBalochWomen on social media to protest against the siege.
The house of Ex BSO leader Pir Jan Baloch is under the siege of Pakistani Security forces since Yesterday evening in Doctors Colony in Turbat in occupied Balochistan
Turbat Siege agitations at Turbat Press club
Forces have tried but failed, so far, to abduct women & children and elders as the local people have forcefully resisted against it. However, the siege continues even after 20 hours, depriving people on the house from food, water and other essential commodities.
Baloch Woman addressing Turbat
Press Club
BNF has warned to go on massive protests all over Balochistan if Pakistan doesn't breaks Turbat siege immediately.
In a latest wave of attacks against Baloch Nationalist People, Pakistani Army and ISI has stepped up brutal attacks, custodial tortures and abductions of Baloch leaders in occupied Balochistan, just to silence their resistance.
If the coercive actions of Pakistan continues in Balochistan, it is bound to back fire on it.
Baloch women protested against Turbat siege in front of Turbat Press Club and addressed the media to appeal Pakistani Army to end siege, to safeguard lives of those trapped within house. Noted Baloch activist Faiz Baloch has posted the photograph of infant trapped in Turbat siege on social media.

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