Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Declare Republic of Balochistan to Retaliate Uri Attack- It Will Be More Lethal Than Nukes

After audacious and bloody attack at Uri Brigade headequarter, Indian government and Modi is under tremendous pressure from Indian citizens and especially its armed forces, to take revenge and retaliate with full force. But, the biggest hurdle in it is nuclear weapons in the hands of irresponsible state like Pakistan. In such scenario India has to explore new ways to hurt Pakistan without lettign the blood flow of it's own brave soldiers.
Many in India believe that India should abrogate Indus Water Treaty which is in place with Pakistan. In that case, whole Pakistan will perish without firing a single bullet shot. As the majority of the Pakistan is fed on water coming from rivers originating in India. The signals indicate that New Delhi will take drastic steps in this direction.
As Baloch Republican Party leader Brahumdagh Bugti has officially sought diplomatic asylum in India. The epicenter of Baloch Freedom struggle automatically shifted on Indian soil and government of India will have say in it. But, most lethal and effective way, I would like to suggest to Indian leaders is that, immediately launch diplomatic mission to convince world community, that Balochistan is separate nation that exists since last thousand years. Then to give approval to Balochistan as independent nation by hosting Government in Exile of Republic of Balochistan in New Delhi, just like Government in Exile of Tibet based in Dharamshala.
If, India approves Balochistan as separate nation, the full scale revolt will break out in Balochistan, Pakhtunistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Guilgit- Baltistan against state of Pakistan.
The situation will be worst to handle to Pakistani Army and Punjabis holding power of Pakistan will flee away in Gulf to seek shelter from revolting communities in Pakistan.
With Indian influence on world community, at least 30-45 nations worldwide will immediately give approval to Republic of Balochistan once India does so.
My earnest request to Mr Narendra Modi and People of India to think upon it seriously to bleed Pakistan beyond imagination.
Mr. Modi Come On and Grant official status of nation to Balochistan by opening first Balochistan embassy in New Delhi....
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