Saturday, March 18, 2017

Assam's Disastrous Sterilization Drive, Gross Imbalance in Hindus & Muslims Sterilization Exposed by RTI Activist

Young RTI Activist from Assam, Amarjyoti Borthakur and Saumitra Goswamy has exposed gross anomaly and criminal imbalance in male and female sterilization of people of Assam on religious lines. The state which is reeling under intense pressure of illegal Bangladeshi influx, has only aggressively implemented family planning/ sterilization drive in Hindus. The Muslim majority districts of lower Assam or say Brahmaputra valley has alarmingly showing same percent of sterilization in Hindus and Muslims, even when Muslim population is much more than Hindus.
 With such a highly disturbing data in hand, Amarjyoti is seriously exploring various ways to balance the gross imbalance between. He smells the conspiracy behind this imbalance to push already dwindling Hindu population of Assam. While talking in Guwahati, fuming Amarjyoti asked few awkward questions to Government of Assam regarding its seriousness to changing scenario in religious demographics of Assam. He asked, whether this imbalance in sterilization drive was meticulously planned or just administrative snag?
Whatever he has derived through RTI, is really serious in nature and even after BJP came to power last year, the scenario might not have changed much as the government machinery which is enforcing such drives on ground is as it is.
Something must be seriously done in this regard.

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