Wednesday, May 3, 2017

LRO Lodges Complaint Against NCERT Text Books as It Referred Honored Slain Maoist KishenjI in Class 10 Books

NCERT Class 10 textbooks contains references of slain Maoist leader Kishen ji and the whole chapter has been spent on honoring him and his so called pro poor thoughts. These references are in chapter 6 of the said book in curricular. The report is published in this regard at English Newspaper Hitvad from Nagpur on this link
The report is authored by journalist Kartik Lokhande.
With this letter, I demand immediate and stern action against NCERT contributors of the said chapter which have given generous place in school books to violent armed leader letting the blood of security forces and common people flow freely.
Also I am demanding setting up inquiry committee to hunt down and punish all violent Maoists entrenched in the educational system, spoiling educational environment and professing violent ideologies by inculcating violence in the minds of school kids through text books.

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