Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kerala RSS Murders- Legal notice issued to Kerala Chief Secy, DGP and SP Thiruvanthapuram

Press Release

My Supreme Court lawyer Adv Umesh Sharma- New Delhi has today issued legal notice to Kerala Chief Secretory, Kerala DGP and Superintendent of Police Thiruvanthapuram in the matter of murder of RSS worker Rajesh, few days ago. We will move to Supreme Court if immediate action is not taken by Kerala government to put full stop on on violence against RSS workers by CPM workers in collusion with notorious Quotation Gangs and Islamic Jihadi radicals.
In near future, we will also move another petition to expedite legal proceedings in the matter pending against Kerala CM Pinnarayi Vijayan in murder cases. 
We are going to pursue each and every murder of RSS worker in legal way and will take every matter to conclusive end.

Vinay Joshi

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