Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Dalit Murder, Funeral Tourism and Missing Tourists!

Vinay Joshi

23 year old Dalit youth Kevin Joseph married affluent Christian girl in Kottayam district of Kerala. The family of girl approached ruling CPM's youth wing Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) to recover girl. DYFI abducted Dalit boy and ruthlessly murdered him by gouging out his eyes!

Generally when any incidence of Dalit atrocity comes to light and ruling party or culprits have any distant relation with RSS-BJP, the whole opposition, leftist, Congress, champions of Dalit and Human rights groups and media throngs the venue where atrocity is committed. "Dalit Khatare Me" slogans are raised! Everyone including RSS former chief MS Golwalkar, Veer Savarkar and Manusmriti are being dragged to launch scathing attack on Hindutva ideology.

Quotes, writings and speeches of dozens of RSS leaders during last 90 years are referred out of context to prove that anti-Dalit bias is deeply entrenched in RSS blood.

When Dalit student committed suicide at Hyderabad hostel, leftists and many from intellectuals and media almosts hanged HRD minister Smriti Irani as of she compelled the student to commit suicide. Rohit's corpse was shamelessly exploited to extract maximum political dividend.

Congress-Communists-AAP- Human Rights Lone Wolves- section of national media camped at Hyderabad to up the ante against Modi Government for almost week.

Within last 4 years, especially since Modi came to power in May 2014, We have witnessed surge in Funeral Tourism to exploit lucrative dividends from corpses and to corner Modi and RSS.

When Akhalaq murdered in UP, Pehlu Khan killed while transporting cows, a Muslim youth killed in railway, the Funeral Tourism shown sharp rise in number of Political Funeral Tourists. But when RSS workers are slaughtered in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu no one turns up as its not worth touring the venue and after all RSS workers are not human beings so they are not worth mourning!

India must be unique country where caste, political affiliation and religion of dead soul matters most and it decides the degree and compassion which it could receive in mourning!

For single murder committed by people affiliated to particular political party and particular religion; it is shameless to blame that political ideology and religion. So I feel Marxists and Christians in Kerala must'n't be targeted for killing Kevin Joseph otherwise; but I am compelled to blame both keeping in a view their reckless, shameless, virulent tirade against RSS and Hindutva movement in recent past.

In India "Honor Killing" is most common phenomenon. But it is most shocking incidence in Kerala, which is most literate state in India and champions of rights of downtrodden i.e. Communists are ruling and their cadres are involved in this gruesome murder; also Church is to be blamed here, which professes that conversion to Christianity ends caste bias and pastors guarantee caste-less society upon conversion to Christianity. But unfortunately Communists and Christians proved with their acts and deeds, that caste-less society is their political slogans and it has nothing to do with mundane world!

Church lures gullible Indians to conversion trap by throwing bait of "Ending Caste Apartheid" after getting into to Christianity, but it's nothing but a blatant lie!

Same Kerala experienced killing of tribal youth for stealing rice just couple of months ago. The video was in circulation showing how people tied and beaten the tribal to death for trying to satisfy his hunger. That time also there was no " Funeral Tourism" because Champions of Equality" were ruling Kerala!

Kevin Joseph was most unfortunate to die in Communist ruled Kerala and for eloping Christian girl! Had he been died in BJP ruled state for marrying upper caste Hindu girl, he could have so far flooded the emotions of HR activists along with Wikipedia page and crowdfunding campaign to punish the guilty!


Kevin Joseph's biggest posthumous achievement is that....

He exposed pathological bias of Leftists in India while analyzing issues pertaining to Dalit rights in India


Dual Face of Catholics; which used to blow trumpets of democracy, equality, social justice and human rights simultaneously paying billions of dollars as ex-gratia against settling issues of pedophile atrocities, rapes and sodomy committed by their clergies all over the world....

Dear Kevin... May Your Soul Rest In Peace.....

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