Saturday, December 5, 2015

Russian Airstrikes intensified on ISIS Oil Infrastructure in Syria- Turkey Ultimate Loser

After incidence of downing Russian Fighter jet by Turkey on Turkey-Syria border, angry Russians and especially hawkish Russian President Valdimir Putin has pledged to punish Turkey by destroying ISIS- Turkey oil trade. ISIS is affording to fight against world military powers only because of billions of dollars it is earning from smuggled oil which is purchased by Turkey President Erdogan's family.
Within last fortnight, especially after losing its fighter plane in Syria, Russian Forces methodically gathered precise information on ISIS- Turkey Oil trade with satellite images of oil transport convoys and oil smuggling routes, and with this information Russian Air force is precisely hitting oil refineries, oil depots and tanker convoys to halt and destroy nerve centers of ISIS economy.
Last week, Russian President Putin accused Erdogan family of running illicit oil trade with ISIS.

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