Friday, December 4, 2015

Russian Military Campaign in Syria Meant for Defending Russian Interests- President Putin

Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude for Russian servicemen operating in Syria Operation

Putin Speaking at Award Function for Russian Servicemen

Russian Fighter Jet Downed by Turkey
Moscow- One and only focus of the Russian military operations in Syria is, safeguarding Russian interests, exhorted Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Thursday. "I am deeply appreciating and expressing gratitude to Russian Armed Forces  for the exemplary work they are doing in operations in Syria. I am telling you and I have earlier told it on numerous occasions that, the Syria Operations does not meant only to Syria people but, it is straight a way protecting Russian people and Russian interests. You knows it well"
Putin was speaking during presenting offering gallantry awards Russian military servicemen.
Russian counter terrorism operations in Syria showing a good positive impact on the strategic situation in the Middle East, said President Putin.
"I should say that your duty in Syria is effectively influencing the security situation in whole region. Obviously, your operations cannot make turn around. So what your accomplices are doing commendable jobs in other arenas. Syrians Forces will continue to fight with our assistance.
But the good and positive changes taking place in Syria you and your colleagues deserves accolades, who are battling in the Syrian skies, as well as commanding, guiding and aiding Syrian armed forces," President Putin told.
He heartfully expressed thanks to all Russian Armed Forces personnel assuming duties Syrian Armed Campaign.

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