Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump in collision mode with Muslims, but Why?

Donald Trump lashing out at Muslim for political gains, but this doesn't mean that it is less hazardous.

Donald Trump demanded ban on Muslim entry in USA. He also want to shut down US mosques. He repeatedly demanding national registry for Muslims in USA as database.

Trump assault on Muslims and Islam is meant for campaign success. Present political strucute is desperate to give him unnecessary exposure. He successfully exchanged and replaced his Latino-phobic rhetoric with Islamophobic one to continue to get media exposure. In this mechanism he is successful up to large extent.
In USA Islamophobia has drastically shoot up. Anti-Muslim views and phobias are increasing with every day rising, we can say that it is at all time high after attacks of 9/11, at present Islamophobia is at dangerous level.

In Republican presidential battle Trump is not unique figure whose policies and stance are against Muslims in USA and worldwide ISlam.But the main difference between Trump and others Trump is more clear in hate speeches, intent and content and others used to go y anti- Muslim tones.

Trumpis openely at confrontation mode with Muslims and he is well popular for that among his close aids.which makes him very much dangerous.

Donald Trump election campaign is based on simple theme "America for Americans". When trump kick started his campaign, he launched attacks on latinos and Mexicans. bUt gradually he felt that targetting Muslims will reap rich electoral benefits in the aftermath of Paris attacks. So Trump became more and more vocal in his anti- Mulims rhetoric and hate speeches.
Now he has successfully divided Americans on sharp lines of pro-Muslims and anti-Muslims.
With such old assault on Muslims Trump may secure electoral lead in future, but what will happen to USA and it's boastfull inclusive culture.
Will USA change for ever if Donald Trump really succeeds in becoming US President?

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