Friday, February 5, 2016

Another response to Editor Shillong Times

Dear Madam,
Thank you very much for letting know whole Meghalaya who conspired, abducted and killed Bah Rijoy Singh Khongshah by publishing my article. You deserve appreciation for publishing RSS views in Shillong Times.
So far, RSS never used legal ways to counter incessant tirade against RSS by communist and foolish secular ideologies, but now RSS follow legal path. It is fundamental right to counter misleading propaganda through court of law. If you read it as VEHEMENT, Aggressive, intolerant behavior then it is unfortunate. Do you suggest anti RSS propaganda should be countered by attacking responsible people on streets? How senior journalist like YOU can suggest RSS to attack people on streets making baseless allegations instead of exploring legal options?
If anyone makes baseless allegation against RSS, shall we call YOU to seek opinion? Shall we turn blind all? Shall we allow News Traders to run such agenda without being countered? Is is unconstitutional way? Once again YOU are denying RSS fundamental rights.
In India, even dreaded terrorists, anti-national elements gathers huge support and principle of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" is regularly employed to defend them. Dr Binayak Sen, Prof Sai Baba enjoys huge media, intellectual support under "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" principle.
But same principle of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" is reversed when dealing with RSS. For Indian media and intelligentsia allegations against RSS are weighed on the basis of "Guilty Unless Proven Innocent". Is it not a joke?
While thrashing this typical behavior veteran journalist said in his book "For our friends in media Commission of Inquiry is TRUTHFUL only if is is USEFUL in proving RSS false allegations against Sangh Parivar.
Numerous commission of inquiry found not a single bit of evidence against RSS in anti-Muslim, anti- Christian violence, Justice Wadhva Commission in Graham Staines murder case found no links between Darasingh and Hindu Groups, but Justice Wadhava categorically said Graham Stains aggressive evangelization program aggrieved local resulting into violent backlash. In Gandhi murder no factual, substantial evidence found against RSS. But still RSS is being used in India as Punching Bag to hide their own failures..
Arun Shourie put forth theory of ECHO CHAMBER being used by anti-Hindutva forces. As per Shourie's theory, one newspaper/ TV channel publishes the news, "Nun raped in India". Immediately newspapers around the world picks up the news and caters to respective audience all over the world. After getting published in world media, Indian media publishes same news with reference to AUTHENTIC foreign media like BBC or CNN. After wide exposure to "Rape on Nun" news all over the world, Indian authorities  starts inquiring the incidence and ultimately finds nothing but local brawl between two groups within Church, NO Nun is being RAPED, not just slightly touched. but the ECHO CHAMBER already inflict huge damage to reputation of victimized Hindu Group. Same happened in Zabua Nun Rape case in Madhya Pradesh.
Madam, I humbly want to request you, please STOP publishing articles with unsubstantiated allegations, especially from people like Fr Albert, whose patron institution, i.e. Vatican or say Catholic Church has so far issued more than 20 apologies, for the reasons ranging from massacres, clergy Sex scandals, looting to atrocities on aboriginals in Australia. And YET to issue apology for ruthless inquisition which Vatican established against Goa Christians to torture and kill them, for following original Hindu ritual even being converted to Catholic Christianity. Please go through the book authored by Anant Kakba Priolkar's  "The Goa Inquisition", narrating horrifying accounts of brutal inhuman atrocities on Goa Catholics by their own Vatican. there is Memorial built for such Victims of Vatican Inquisition in Kunkali Catholic Church in Goa.
Though I appreciate your unbiased journalism for juxtaposing both views, I can term your behavior as "Running With The Hare and Hunting With The Hounds", which will create difficulty in near future.
Once again, I request you to have a respect for RSS' right to use constitutional right to explore legal means and don't term it as INTIMIDATION.
I can say there are serious flaws in your editorial policies, which are exposed in this matter, and request you to correct it.

Thanks you very much

Vinay Joshi

Editor Shillong Times letter,
The Shillong Times has not come under any pressure to publish your views. It is our time-tested practice to publish counterpoints on any article or news item that has appeared in our newspaper. Everyone has the right to express opinions but no one holds the right to intimidate others by way of legal action only because of a write-up. If you wish to initiate legal action do so without making it look like the sword of Damocles. I know many people in the RSS whose views are moderate and who will argue out their case without getting vehement. But I also know that there is a growing brigade of intolerant people who have joined the RSS and are tarnishing the fair image of the Sangh.

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