Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fr.Albert Published Stolen Article from Online Sources in Shillong Times

 The row which started after RSS maiden route march in Meghalaya capital Shillong refusing to die. My friend and retired Indian Air Force- IAF officer Mr. Chandrashekhar has sent me few links, which show intelligent plagiarism skills of Catholic priest Fr.Albert Thyrniang. It is practical example to prove Mr Arun Shourie's theory of "ECHO CHAMBER".Let me tell you, from which authentic, knowledgeable resources Fr.Albert bartered or say stolen, facts for his RSS bashing article in Shillong Times. He could have quoted references  from which he picked up his knowledge to hit RSS, but he didn't, as his "Noble" tradition don't allow him to mention original source of WISDOM. The history of Plagiarism in Catholic Christianity is as old as it's so called foundation years, that is 2100 years old. I will describe it later, with the reference of revelation made by "Dead Sea Scrolls".
At first let me take X-Ray of Fr.Albert scholarly plagiarism. 
The RSS bashing first article in this series appeared about 16 years ago, in "Economic and Political Weekly" of January 22, 2000. The author of the article was Marzia Casolari and title was, "Hindutva’s Foreign Tie-up in the 1930s" (
Later same article was put in new mold with pinch of new spices and colors added in it by Palash Ghosh  in "International Business Times" and title was "Hindu Nationalist’s Historical Links to Nazism and Fascism" ( Fr. Albert was in so hurry while copying and pasting the article for Shillong Times, that he didn't take enough care to change the title of article, instead, he removed just first section of the title and replaced it with "Shillong RSS". What a great art of plagiarism!!
All the three articles have unique theme, unique allegations and deep hate for RSS.
The Shillong Times should employ best editorial team to avoid repeating such ridiculous stolen material being published in its paper.
Plagiarism by Catholic Church and Dead Sea Scrolls Revelations- The Dead Sea Scrolls 950+ texts discovered in 1946 and onward in Qumran Caves near Dead Sea in the West Bank area (Now Palestine and Israel). These scrolls were closely guarded in French Nunnery of Bethlehem by Vatican, as initial research convinced Catholic Church that it may shatter the myth of Roman Catholicism. But British scholars bugged the staff of French Nunnery and smuggled photocopied Dead Sea Scrolls to Britain in 90's. Dead Sea Scrolls are written in Aramaic language which was mother tongue of Jews, 2000 years ago. The language is extinct now. Critical analysis of Dead Sea Scrolls, convinced the scholars in Europe , that present New Testament is just translation of original Aramaic Gospel of Church of James. The European scholars concluded that, concept of arrival of Messiah was predominant in Middle-Eastern tribes at the time of Roman Empire, and Jews expected and predicted arrival of Messiah called James, to defeat Roman Emperor and authored Gospel of James to draw inspiration. But mighty Roman Forces crushed Jewish resistance and destroyed Church of James.
After pulverizing Jewish resistance Romans swung into  damage control exercise and just accepted Gospel of James, translated it from Aramaic to Roman, replaced the James with Jesus and thus Catholic Christianity took its present shape. During the same period, Pagans and aboriginal of Middle-East used to worship Sun God Mithra and they assumed Mithra's birthday on December 25. To avoid repeated clashes with hostile Jewish people, Romans accepted birth date of Mithra, i.e. December 25 as the birth day of Jesus and thus Jesus took birth on December 25.
Almost 250 years of establishment of superimposed, bartered version of New Testament Roman Emperor Constantine The Great issued decree, banning almost 450 versions of Gospel, being used by local tribes. Constantine The Great used all means of power, threat and violence to cease and destroy each and every version of Gospel, to make New Testament only authentic document on Christianity.
The whole account and analysis of Dead Sea Scrolls is available in N.S. Rajaraman's famous, scholarly book, "Profiles in Deception- Ayodhya and Dead Sea Scrolls" The book is available on all online sellers like Flipkart and Amazon, one can buy and read it in detail.
Conclusion:-  The Plagiarism of Fr.Albert is not new for Catholic Christianity, but it is the common practice in Vatican and as old as its history.

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