Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Baloch Holocaust, Shameless Pakistan & Apathy of World Human Rights Bodies


The world took serious note of human rights violations in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, but interestingly they have no time to address silent Holocaust of Baloch people by inhuman Punjabi Army of Pakistan.

Balochistan- erstwhile State of Kalat governed by Khan of Kalat was never part of British India. British has always honored it's sovereignty. It was separate nation till 1948. But newly created Pakistan forcefully accessed it to Pakistan, eyeing its rich natural resources. Since 1948 Baloch people fought 4 bloody wars with state of Pakistan to achieve illusive independence from Pakistan. The fifth freedom struggle which started in 2004 is underway.
During these five Baloch freedom struggles lives of thousands of people perished from both sides, obviously measure losers were ethnic Baloch. During such armed conflicts human rights violations do occur. But the real thing is that Pakistani army and other secret services are unleashing terror over innocent Baloch people, especially women, infants, kids and elders.
So far, more than 20,000 Baloch people are missing and equal number of Baloch found dead under mysterious circumstances, usually after unlawful abductions by secret services and Pakistani paramilitary forces.
China Pakistan Economic Corridor- CPEC has made the situation even worse for Baloch. As indiscriminate looting of Baloch resources like gold, copper, oil and gas by China and Pakistan, without approval of Baloch people has angered Balochistan, creating never seen before unrest in the region, triggering fierce resistance.
To thwart Baloch people from creating problems for CPEC Pakistani Army launched bloody operation against Baloch people in a manner, unparalleled in history. It has witnessed rapes, custodial deaths, abduction, dumping, massacre of Baloch kids and innumerable other atrocities all over the Balochistan by Pakistan. China is pressurizing Pakistani Army to crush Baloch resistance to pave the way for notorious CPEC. And Pakistani Army of So called Islamic Republic of Pakistan is killing own Muslim Baloch people for the benefit of China which is indulged in human Rights violations and massacres of Uyghur Muslims of Xinxiang province.
The Pakistan, which lose no chance to bash India on so called suppression of Kashmiri people and India's mythical anti-Islam policies, never took pain to introspect its own behavior in Balochistan and its 70 year continuous Holocaust of Baloch people.
In a latest wave of fresh Holocaust, Pakistani Army under hawkish Gen. Raheel Sharif is leaving no stone unturned to warn, threaten, crush, intimidate Baloch people, so that they shun their resistance, abandon their demand for Balochistan Freedom and let China- Pakistan to loot Baloch resources.
The latest dimension of Baloch Holocaust is custodial rapes, enforced disappearances, Army torture cells, chemical attacks against Baloch people and most gruesome act of illicit organ trade of abducted Baloch women, kids and elders.
Fortunately, world is waking up slowly and taking note of The Baloch Holocaust after firm Indian support to Baloch cause, let's hope, The Baloch Holocaust will come to end in near future.

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