Monday, September 12, 2016

Balochistan Bloodbath Intensified- Gyandari, Rajanpur and Sohri Villages Destroyed, Baloch Women Abducted from Sui by Pakistani Army

Pakistan gunship helicopters indiscriminately fired shells on Baloch villages of Gyandari, Rajanpur and Sohri on Balochistan- Punjab border. BRP media cell has released the list of victims in the operation. In this brutal and bloody operation 15 civilians died on the spot and villages are reduced to rubble.
Victims of Gyandari & Rajanpur raids in
occupied Balochistan

Live footage of Baloch women abduction
from Marri in Kohistan
In another incidence Pakistan army committed yet another war crime by abducting Baloch women from Marri area Balochistan. In Kohistan's Marri area of Balochistan Pakistani forces abducted 35 Baloch Women and shifted them to unknown place, most probably as slaves and to expose them for inhuman atrocities.
22 people were killed & more than a dozen injured, 26 others have been abducted by forces during Dera Bugti Operation.
Seven civilians along with three women have been killed so far by the Pakistani forces in Chatar region of Naseeraabad.
Around 7-8 helicopter gunship shelled on civilians & while ground troops have sieges the surrounding areas of Chatar and Uch. Chatar and Sherani areas of Naseerabad & Uch area of Sui
Third consecutive day, Pakistani forces carrying out army operation in Chatar , & Sherani areas of Nasser abad & uch area of Sui.
Live footage of Baloch women abduction 
from Marri in Kohistan
15 innocent Baloch civilians (included 4 women, 2 children) have been killed, 26 abducted during and more than 60 houses were burnt by Pakistani occupying army's military operation in border areas or Dera Bugti in occupied Balochistan yesterday.

More than 7 Gunship helicopters arrived in Sui Army cantonment. Threat of a huge military operation looms over DeraBugti. Generally Pakistani Army and secret services are committing atrocities on family members of Baloch Nationalist leaders, Baloch Human rights activists and Baloch leaders living in exile elsewhere in the world.

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