Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump, Ban on Muslims & Future of USA

 US Politician Donald Trump demanded and stressed for complete entry ban on Muslims in USA for the reason that they nurture deep hatred for America, irrespective of Muslims ethnicity, language and region. The same demand is frequently being made by Dutch politician and Freedom Party chief Geert Wilders numerous times in last few days. For such racist comments Geerts Wilders is facing multiple court cases of racism and hate speeches all over the world. But still Geert Wilders is one of the popular figures in Europe.

Same tune is being sung by French politician and leader of Front National Marion Maréchal-Le Pen after notorious Charlie Hebdo Magazine attacks in France last year. After recent Paris Attacks and massacre of innocents by Islamist terrorists, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen's party fared well in French local elections forcing other parties withdrawal from elections to thwart victory and progress of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.
If the same trend is the mood of the people all over the world with regard to Muslims and Islam then Americans can't isolate themselves from current wave of anti Muslim or Islamophobia. As Islamofascism is wrecking havoc all over the world, and particularly in the countries which were traditionally not so much accustomed to Islamic radical terrorism, then anti- Islam movements are bound to get huge response.
In Germany Pegida Movement is rapidly making inroads in mainstream German society, especially after terror attacks in neighboring France. Many Europeans observes Pegida as Nazi 2.0 version as far as rhetoric and hardliner stance of  Pegida leaders is concerned.
Traditionally Asia or more particularly India was suffering from Jihadi Islamic terrorism in the form of bomb blasts and attacks all over the country, but new wave of radicalized Muslim youth poses serious serious security  to Europe and USA. There are hundreds of indigenous European and American Muslim youths which have so far traveled to Syria and Iraq to take part in the ongoing war against coalition forces led by US. Moreover thousands of Muslim youths are on watch list of European and US agencies for being potential threat to national security. 
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