Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Russia Launched Maiden Airstrike From Rostov-on-Don Submarine Against Syria Targets

Moscow- Russian forces of Caspian Sea Fleet has launched another barrage of supersonic cruise missile airstrikes against teror targets in Syria, with maiden combat fire of a latest cruise missile from Rostov-on-Don- Russian submarine in the Mediterranean Sea, revealed Russian defense minister Shoigu on Tuesday. The Rostov-on-Don submarine fired Kalibr cruise missiles, successfully struck designated rebel targets in Raqqa, said defense minister Sergei Shoigu, who reported it President Vladimir Putin. The submarine was in semi submerged position while launch. Putin said the new cruise missile can be tipped with conventional and nuclear warheads,ut said that he hopes nuclear "will never be needed." Shoigu told Tupolev-22 bombers taking off from their bases in Russia took part in the latest sorties with total 60 combat sorties within last three days. Shoigu said targets destucted in the recent barrage of Russian airstrikes hit a ammunition depot, mortar manufacturing unit and oil refinery." Shoigu narrated the Russian forces had informed in advance to Israel and the United States regarding airstrikes. A US defense official told on condition of anonymity as he wasn't entitled to speak on the matter, confirmed that Russian forces apprised US in advance. American official told at least 10-12 cruise missiles were fired from Russian warships from the Caspian Sea Fleet and one missile was fired from Russian submarine Rostov on Top in the eastern Mediterranean sea. Russia has commenced its air campaign in Syria from Sept. 30, with warplanes from Latakia air base in Syria coast, also naval warships fired cruise missiles and long-range bombers operating from airbases in Russia. Moscow claims that its action is focused on the ISIS group, Americans and its NATO allies are criticizing Russia for hitting Syrian moderate armed groups opposing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Shoigu apprised Putin that Syrian Government forces wrested control of area near Turkey border, Turkish jet downed a Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter jet on November 24. He handed over Putin the downed jet's flight recorder, which Syrian and Russian troops searched from site. Putin ordered his officers, the flight recorder must be studied alongwith foreign experts, to show downed jet's flight path. Russia repeatedly clamied that the warplane stayed in Syrian airspace and never crossed to Turkish airspace, and aggressively responded by positioning long-range air defense missiles S-400 at Russian air base in Latakia- Syria and imposed series of stringent economic sanctions against Turkish trade firms. Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, refuted Turkey's complaint that a sailor on a Russian naval vessel had a portable air-defense missile on its deck during ship's the time it was cruising through the Bosporus. Turkey condemned the incidence as a provocative and warned Russian ambassador to Ankara to protest. Zakharova replied by saying that Russian crew have right to defend its vessel and stressed that the action didn't contradict or violate the Montreux Convention, setting international rules for sailing through the Turkish straits. Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern about reported U.S. bombing of a Syrian army camp. The Syrian government accused US coalition aircraft for striking Syrian army camp in Deir el-Zour on Sunday night, which killed three Syrian soldiers and critically wounding 13. U.S.forces denied the accusation.

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